“To be truly memorable, inspire rather than sell.” - DJL


Live Documentary

All work is Filmed, Edited, Color Corrected, Mixed and Finished In-House

DJL is the absolute definition of an artist. He has the gift of capturing your story in an authentic way that helps viewers understand who you are and what you are all about.
— Brian S, Public Speaker
DJL has a unique ability to make a technical process feel very personal. He’s much more than a videographer. He’s a creative inspirer.
— Ramsey B, Personal Trainer
DJL was able to beautifully and artfully capture my passion and story. I am forever grateful for the amazing work he has done. Rather than reading about what I can offer on a website or through social media, people can actually spend some time and meet me through my video. DJL made the entire process easy and so streamlined for me as well as those he interviewed. He was able to subtly invoke raw emotions in a way that will touch audiences—all in less than four minutes. I am confident that more people will be able to get to know the real me through his work.
— Jessica G, Attorney
In 60 seconds, DJL created a story that touched my heart. He captured something I am so passionate about through a short story that will inspire others. I appreciate how DJL took the time in learning about what the purpose of the video is and the story beyond it. His questions and guidance helped articulate the project. His patience, professionalism and candor gave me confidence the day of the shoot. DJL’s creative eye and editing skills made the footage way beyond my expectations.
— Alicia G, Sales Executive